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Thank you for visiting our page! We are a local family owned business with the mission of Squeeze the Juice is to provide smiles and happiness through fresh squeezed lemonade. Our lemonade is the perfect blend sweet and tart, with fresh lemons squeezed into every cup! Here on our site you can purchase our lemonade by the pint, half-gallon or gallon! We have an easy ordering process: 

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About the Owner

Jurnee Bush is an 10 year old kidpreneur in Charlotte, North Carolina. At the start of the pandemic and quarantine she was bummed and missed seeing her school friends, neighborhood friends and extended family. She asked her parents to start a Lemonade Stand to make people smile during such a sad time in our world. The Lemonade Stand was a huge hit and neighbors came out to support, smile and enjoy a cold cup of 50 cent lemonade. Jurnee perfected her recipe and continued to squeeze fresh lemons into each cup, creating a taste that is a perfect blend of sweet and tart!  Jurnee's unique recipe became so popular that neighbors began to request lemonade by the gallons! Now, she is sharing her delicious lemonade all over the city! 

Our Products

the gallon club

We are sooo EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE the Gallon Club!!!

Beginning Oct. 6th (Tuesday) we are discontinuing the a la carte option of ordering a single gallon to limited availability of the Gallon Mason Jars. We now have 2 great Club options with awesome goodies for you to choose from! 🍋🍋

The Gallon Club items will be available for pick ups beginning this Saturday October 10th!! 😀😀 


When life handed Jurnee lemons, she brought us all the best #lemonade

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